Ames MPF Penta 1 - 10 Sample Kit
Ames MPF Penta 1 - 10 Sample Kit

Art. No.:

5 x 480 Measuring Points: 10 Samples per Strain if tested in Triplicates, 6 Dilutions, +/- S9, Negative and Positive Controls
Basic ready to use Assay Kit for Ames Test including 10 vials each of semisolid TA98, TA100, TA1535, TA1537, E.coli WP2 uvrA, E.coli WP2 pKM101, Booster, Growth -, Exposure -, Reversion Indicator Media.

  • Quality Control: All strains, Media  
  • Certificate of Analysis: Provided
  • Excel Calculation Sheet to support Data Interpretation
  • Comparison: Corresponds to 5 x 480 agar plates.
  • Enoug Material to process Strains individually
  • Shipped at Room Temperature from external Storage in Germany
  • High sensitivity and excellent correlation with agar plate test
  • 4 times less test compound as compared to the agar plate test
  • Less hands-on-time and simultaneous processing of several replicates
  • Automation available - High throughput
  • 3Rs - 12 fold less consumption of rat liver liver S9, less test animals
  • Less error prone due to easy colorimetric read-out
  • Waste - Significant less plastic waste and thus reduced contaminated waste in environment

Available separately: S9 Cofactor Kit (Art.No. PCO-0800)

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Ames MPF Penta 1 Short Protocol

Ames MPF Leaflet


Ames MPF Leaflet

Reversion Indicator Medium

Exposure Medium

Growth Medium