Ames MPF Penta 2 - 10 Sample Kit
Ames MPF Penta 2 - 10 Sample Kit

Art. No.:

5 x 480 Measuring Points: 10 Samples per Strain if tested in Triplicates, 6 Dilutions, +/- S9, Negative and Positive Controls
Basic Assay Kit for Ames Test including 10 vials each of semisolid TA98, TA100, TA1535, TA1537, E.coli WP2 uvrA[pKM101], Booster, Growth -, Exposure -, Reversion Indicator Media.

  • Quality Control: All strains, Media  
  • Certificate of Analysis: Provided
  • Excel Calculation Sheet to support Data Interpretation
  • Comparison: Corresponds to 5 x 480 Agar Plates
  • Enough Material to process Strains individually
  • Shipped at Room Temperature from external Storage in Germany
  • High sensitivity and excellent correlation with agar plate test
  • 4 times less test compound as compared to the agar plate test
  • Less hands-on-time and simultaneous processing of several replicates
  • Automation available - High throughput
  • 3Rs - 12 fold less consumption of rat liver liver S9, less test animals
  • Less error prone due to easy colorimetric read-out
  • Waste - Significant less plastic waste and thus reduced contaminated waste in environment

Available separately: S9 Cofactor Kit (Art.No. PCO-0800)

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Ames MPF Penta 1 Short Protocol

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Ames MPF Leaflet


Stability studies


Reversion Indicator Medium

Exposure Medium

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