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Xenometrix was founded in June 1995 in Allschwil, Switzerland. Since then scientists, specialized in the field of Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Immunology have joined the company. A worldwide network of distributors has been established as well as a network for service analytics under GLP and non GLP conditions.

Our vision is excellence in quality and service for bioassays like the Ames test, the endocrine disruptor assays, skin absorption tests or cytotoxicity test systems. Xenometrix products are made for the use in molecular pharmacology, early stages of drug discovery, screening of chemicals, agrochemical, biocides,  cosmetics, alimentary and for testing environmental water, soil, air or effluents.

Quality System

One of our most important objective is to achieve excellence in the quality of our products, services and support by following international quality standards. Xenometrix AG is certified ISO 9001:2015.

Product and applications

Xenometrix is specialized in the production of miniaturized Ames Test, i.e. Ames II, Ames MPF PENTA 1 and 2, Ames MPF 98/100 Aqua, etc. The assays come as a complete kit, are standardized and quality controlled to enable the customer a faster set-up of the Ames assay and to allow higher reproducibility due to standardisation.  They are run in a liquid format on 384 well plates and can be automated. The assay system is a miniaturized Ames test listed in the ICH M7 guideline and is a version of the Ames fluctuation test cited in the OECD / FDA guidelines.

The miniaturized Ames test system uses 11 times less postmitochodrial rat liver S9 fraction as compared to the agar plate method and therefore contributes substantialy to the reduction of sacrificed test animals fully in line with 3R – Replace, Reduce, Refine.

Several publications showing a high concordance with the agar plate method are available. The Ames MPF kits are the best validated miniaturized test systems in the field of mutagenicity assays, a large database is available on this homepage.

Screen for Endocrine Disruptor Chemicals: Another product range of Xenometrix are the bioassay kits “XenoScreen » for the detection of substances activating or inhibiting  the human estrogen and androgen receptors, agonistic and antagonistic action. The kits are quality controlled and standardized.

Your partner for Service Analytics : Xenometrix together with its partners (GLP contract research laboratories) offer you a full range of studies and services for all your registration, notification purposes for chemicals, agrochemicals, veterinary medicinal products, biocides, medical devices. For each particular product an individual strategy is developed, based upon the actual legal requirements. All necessary studies are carried out: Physico-chemical Properties, In vitro-Toxicology, Mutagenicity (Screening and GLP), Genotoxicity (Micronucleus and gammaH2AX, pH3), Ecotoxicology, Biodegradability, Environmental Fate, Analytical Chemistry.

A broad selection of ex vivo human and animal skin samples are available for skin absorption or penetration studies : Abdominal full skin without adipose tissue and slight stretch marks, dermatomed skins, isolated stratum corneum, facial skins, pig ear skins, single bovine nail sheets and also Franz Diffusion Cells. The high quality skins are prepared under GLP standards within a maximum of 8 hours after cosmetic surgery. Skin samples are collected from donors  who gave their informed consent.

Ex vivo human skins are an excellent alternative to animal testing and contribute to the reduction of sacrificed test animals fully in line with 3R – Replace, Reduce, Refine.  They are used to test chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, pesticides for dermal absorption or skin penetration : Selecting drug candidates for dermal application, characterization of topical dosage forms, quality assessment, safety evaluation of chemicals or pesticides, safety evaluation of cosmetic active ingredients or selecting a suitable vehicle.

To support our customers Xenometrix offers technical support free of charge. To speed up the set-up of an assay, practical trainings are available.

Xenometrix is selling its products and services worldwide. During the last years a substantial network of distributors has been built around the world: USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Poland, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, BeNeLux, Czech Republic, Singapore, China, India.


Xenometrix AG

Registry: CHE-112.450.994

CEO: Dr. Nicole Weiland