AMES Test Service - Plate Incorporation Assay, OECD471
AMES Test Service - Plate Incorporation Assay, OECD471

Art. No.:

Service Analytics 1 - X Compounds

In line with OECD 471 guideline, the Ames Mutagenicity Test is run on 5 different S.typhimurium strains - TA100, TA98, TA1535, TA1537, TA102 or on 4 S.typhimurium strains plus an E.coli strain - E.coli uvrA, E.coli pKM101 or E.coli uvrA(pKM101). If required and demanded, a prescreen assay is run to check for solubility or to detect cytotoxic effect of the test compound in order to adjust dose range. The Ames test is run on agar plates using the Plate Incorporation Technology or Preincubatien Method, in presence and absence of metabolic activation. 
Confirmation of the results can be ontained by using a separate technology available from Xenometrix.

Ames Test on agar plates are used for testing chemicals, biocides, pesticides, cosmetic compounds, pharmaceuticals, vegetal extracts, herbals containing quercetin and derivatives to prove absence of a mutagenic activity.

Also available as service:
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Ames MPF 98/100 Aqua - 2 Strains for testing Water, Waste Water or Solutions of Extracted Products (Medical Devices)
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