AMES MPF PENTA Assay Service - Miniaturized Assay
AMES MPF PENTA Assay Service - Miniaturized Assay

Art. No.:

Service Analytics 1 - X Compounds
The Ames Microplate Format - Ames MPF test uses liquid media and 384well microplates with a readout based on a colour change. It has been used for over 15 years at several major pharmaceutical companies for screening the genotoxic potential of early drug candidates maximising hazard identification with minimizing resource expenditure. The Assay is run with two or five tester strains, in compliance with OECD Guideline 471, ICH M7.


  • High sensitivity and excellent correlation with agar plate test
  • 4 times less test compound as compared to the agar plate test
  • Less hands-on-time and simultaneous processing of several replicates
  • Automation with pipetting robots, e.g. EpiMotion (Eppendorf), Januz (Beckman)
  • 3Rs - 12 fold less consumption of rat liver liver S9, less test animals
  • Less error prone due to easy colorimetric read-out
  • Waste - Significant less plastic waste and thus reduced contaminated waste in environment


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