Newsletter 14.03.2018 - New Warehouse Xenometrix

We are improving our shipping service and on-site management of our stock
within the EU:

  • We have partnered with Glatt GmbH, Lörrach, specialized in logistics and
    pharmaceuticals to offer overall quality of stock holding
  • After an initial experience we ship all our products from the external
    Xenometrix warehouse
  • Having the warehouse in the EU allows us to offer shorter travel times and
    better shipping prices

We continue working hard to improve our services, products and to provide
excellent customer support.

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Newsletter 27.09.2018 - New - Miniaturized in vitro Micronucleus Test - Screening Service
New - Miniaturized in vitro Micronucleus Test - Screening Service
  • Profit from a short turnaround time: 2-3 weeks
  • Economize your test compound: 40 mg
  • Decrease costs: 3-fold lower price as compared to regular MNT
  • Including telomere and centromere staining in micronuclei
  • Identify the genotoxic mode of action: clear discrimination of Aneugens and Clastogens
  • Human cell-based model: lymphocytes in whole blood

Miniaturized Ames MPF Test - most convenient model for automation

  • Automate your Ames test with EpimotionTM and reduce hands on time
  • Let a remote pipettor transfer the liquids from 96-well sample plate to 24-well and 384-well plates
  • Miniaturize your Ames Test with Ames MPF, the most convenient model for automation
  • Reduce test compound quantity, S9 and plastic waste
Automation of Reading and Archiving Ames MPF/Ames II Test Results
  • Automate Reading and Archiving Results with Metafer and reduce hands on time!
  • Metafer scans specimen of various sizes, uses many different contrasting methods and magnifications
  • Modularity allows applications for cytogenetics, hematology, pathology, toxicology, microbiology

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