XenoSkin P - Full Thickness Porcine Ear Skin Discs
XenoSkin P - Full Thickness Porcine Ear Skin Discs

Art. No.:

20mm Disks
Ex vivo Porcine skin discs for in vitro skin permeation test, percoutaneous absorption, skin penetration and release test in safety studies of chemicals, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or biocides and pesticides according to OECD 428, COLIPA, SCCP. Porcine XenoSkin P are also used for selecting drug candidates for dermal application, characterization of topical dosage forms, quality assessment, selecting a suitable transdermal vehicle. Porcine XenoSkin P is an optimal in vitro skin model and is full in line with 3Rs, thus replacing animal tests.

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XenoSkin Leaflet


XenoSkin Leaflet