XenoScreen YES YAS
XenoScreen YES YAS

Art. No.:

5 Samples in 4 Receptor Activities if tested in duplicates, 8 dilutions or 40 samples in 4 Receptor Activities in duplicates, 1 dilution

Ready to use Estrogen and Androgen Receptor Transactivation Test Kit for the Identification of Estrogen and Androgen Receptor Agonists and Antagonists in endocrine disrupting chemicals, agrochemicals, cosmetics (EDC's) or in waste water. In compliance with OECD Guideline TG455.  The kit can also be used for measurement of agonistic activity only.


  • Includes all media, controls, also quality controlled plastic ware
  • Number of samples: 5 samples in 4 different receptors (ER, AR, Agonist, Antagonist), in duplicates, 8 dilutions or for 40 samples in 4 different receptors in 1 dilution. Allows for measurement of only 1 receptor activity whereby 4 times more samples can be measrued.
  • Excel calculation sheet is available free of charge to support result interpretation
  • Does not include Lyticase
  • Strains are not included in the kit and are available separately.

Many endocrine disrupting chemicals adversely impact the estrogen or androgen signaling by interacting with estrogen or androgen receptors. The receptors show ligand selectivity and target gene regulation, they modulate metabolic enzymes that are critical for normal estrogen or androgen synthesis and metabolism. Typical EDC's are e.g. phytoestrogens, bisphenolics, and organochlorine pesticides. Many endocrine discrupting chemicals act through multiple mechanisms and therefore biological effects of EDCs need to be carefully interpreted.

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XenoScreen YES YAS