Ames Tester Strain TAMix
Ames Tester Strain TAMix

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50 ul

TAMix - Mix of S.typhimurium Tester Strains for Ames Test

  • for screening of chemical, pharmaceutical or cosmetic test compounds in a miniaturized Ames test system (Ames II) 
  • for the detection of genotoxic impurities according to ICH M7 Guideline
  • for testing waste or surface water according to ISO ISO 11350:2012. 


  • TA7001, TA7002, TA7003, TA7004, TA7005, TA7006, responsive to each of the several possible base-pair substitution events.
  • Mutations: TA7001 hisG1775;  TA7002 hisC9138; TA7003 hisG9074; TA7004 hisG9133; TA7005 hisG9130; TA7006 hisC9070       
  • Type: All Base Pair Substitution  
  • Target: TA7001 A:T>G:C; TA7002 T:A>A:T; TA7003  T:A>G:C;  TA7004 G:C>A:T; TA7005 C:G>A:T; TA7006 C:G>G:C
  • rfa Mutation: defective lipopolysaccharide (LPS) layer
  • uvrB Mutation: Eliminates the accurate excision repair mechanism
  • pKM101 R-Factor Plasmid: Enhances chemical and UV-induced mutagenesis, Ampicilline Resistance
  • Frozen, liquid formulation, shipment on dry ice


The strains of Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli are classified under the lowest level of risk, groupe 1 in Switzerland, Biostoff S1 in Germany, ... They are considered as non-GMOs because they can be constructed by self-cloning or are naturally occurring bacterial strains. They do not disturb the biological diversity.


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