Ames Tester Strain TA100
Ames Tester Strain TA100

Art. No.:

250 ul after Reconstitution

TA100 - S.typhimurium Tester Strain for Ames Test 


  • for the detection of genotoxic chemicals according to OECD 471 
  • for the detection of genotoxic impurities according to ICH M7 Guideline
  • for testing waste or surface water according to ISO ISO 11350:2012.
  • for the screening of chemicals, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics in a miniaturized assay system (Ames MPF)



  • Mutation: hisG46
  • Type: Base Pair Substitution  
  • Target: GGG
  • rfa Mutation: defective lipopolysaccharide (LPS) layer
  • uvrB Mutation: Eliminates the accurate excision repair mechanism
  • pKM101 R-Factor Plasmid: Enhances chemical and UV-induced mutagenesis, Ampicilline Resistance
  • Shipment with ice bricks at room temperature from Germany


The strains of Salmonella typhimurium and Escherichia coli are classified under the lowest level of risk, groupe 1 in Switzerland, Biostoff S1 in Germany, ... They are considered as non-GMOs because they can be constructed by self-cloning or are naturally occurring bacterial strains. They do not disturb the biological diversity.


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