S9 Cofactor Kit for Metabolic Activation
S9 Cofactor Kit for Metabolic Activation

Art. No.:

20 ml Buffer
0.9 ml G-6-P
3.5 ml NADP

A ready-to-use kit containing Buffer Salts, G-6-P and NADP for preparing the S9 mix in metabolic activation studies, especially for the Ames Test. The S9 cofactor kit is in full compliance with the OECD 471 guideline. 


  • This kit is quality controlled for the use with the miniaturized Ames MPF / Ames II Test kits.
  • Sufficient for all 1 sample Ames MPF kits, all 10 sample 1- and 2- strain kits, 2 Cofactor kits are needed for the 10 sample PENTA 1 and 2 kits.
  • Storage of S9 Buffer Salts: 2-8oC, S9 G-6-P: -20oC, S9 NADP: -20oC

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PCO-0800 - S9 Cofactor Kit