Histone Gamma-H2AX/pH3 Assays
Histone Gamma-H2AX/pH3 Assays

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Service Analytics for 1 - X Compounds
Genotoxicity gammaH2AX/pH3 Assays - Classification of aneugens and direct or bioctivated clastogens in one single test and detection of compounds inducing oxidative stress, cytotoxicity.

  • Assay for large range of human cell lines, adherent (HepaRG, HaCat, HepG2 etc.) or in suspension (TK6), metabolizing or non metabolizing 
  • Assay for large range of human and animal tissues, reconstructive tissues RHE in development 
  • Simultaneous answer about Cytotoxic Effect of test compound 
  • Short turnaround time 14 days 
  • Higher sensitivity and specificity as compared to Micronucleus Assay 
  • No false positive results with ECVAM compounds 
  • Acute and chronic treatments
  • Samples: chemicals (also fluoresecent or coloured), pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, alimentaries, agrochemicals, environmental samples, water, food packaging materials
  • 10 mg or 1 mM of test compound, 8 doses, 3 independant repeats
  • Genotoxic impurities

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