Cytotoxicity XTT

Cell Proliferation, Cell Viability, XTT Test Kit

Ready to use Test Kit for the determination of Cell Viability with XTT (Tetrazolium Hydroxide) according to OECD 431. Detailed instruction manuals are provided with the kits for a first time success.

Tetrazolium salts MTT and XTT are a valuable tools to assess quantitatively viable cells, based on the fact that formazan dies are only produced by metabolic active cells. The assay is based on the cleavage of the yellow tetrazolium salt XTT to form an orange formazan dye. The formazan dye formed from XTT is soluble in aqueous solutions and can be monitored quantitatively by a microplate spectrophotometer. The assay can be automated allowing high throughput processing.

Cells are grown in 96 well tissue culture plates and are incubated with the XTT solution and test compound during 4–24 h.  After this incubation period, formazan solution is formed, which is spectrophotometrically quantified. An increase in number of living cells results in an increase in the OD.

Test Kit