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Ames Test - Ready to use testkits

Ames Test – Standardized, Ready to use Testkits

Ames MPFTM and Ames II Test Kits are ready to use mutagenicity assays in a liquid and miniaturized microplate assay format, similar to a Mini Ames test. The bacterial reverse mutation assay with strains of S. Typhimurium and Escherichia coli (Ames Test) has been used extensively in genetic toxicology testing. The OECD 471 Guideline for the Testing of Chemicals recommends the use of at least 5 tester strains that carry different target sites for mutation, in order to be sensitive to a broad range of chemicals. They include 4 strains of S. Typhimurium, TA98, TA100, TA1535 and TA1537. These strains all have GC base pairs at the primary reversion site and may therefore not detect certain classes of chemicals. Such chemicals can be detected by E. coli WP2 strains.

The kits include

  • S. Typhimurium and/or E. coli strains listed in OECD 471 (TA98, TA100, TA1535, TA1537, E.coli uvrA, E.coli pKM101, E. coli uvrA[pKM101]
  • Growth-, Exposure- and Indicator Media, antibiotic
  • Cetificate of Analysis
  • A detailed instruction manual, excel calculation sheet for data evaluation, result interpretation
  • rat liver microsomal fraction S9 (optional)
  • Positive controls (optional)

The kits are used for testing chemicals, agrochemicals, biocides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, medical devices, waste, river or drinking water, sediments, soil, air or industrial effluents. The Ames MPFTM kits and Ames II kits are standardized kits and come with a certificate of analysis. The kits use the same bacterial strains, the same test principle and quality control specifically referred to in OECD 471, REACH, ICH M7 Guideline, ISO 10993, ISO11350.

Your benefits

  • Sensitivity - High sensitivity and excellent correlation with agar plate test
  • Test sample quantity - 4 times less test compound as compared to the agar plate test
  • Handling efficiency - Liquid microplate format of Ames MPF allows for less hands-on-time and simultaneous processing of several replicates
  • Automation - High throughput, automatable Ames MPF/Ames II
  • 3Rs - 12 fold less consumption of rat liver liver S9, less test animals
  • Error prone – Less error prone due to easy colorimetric read-out, no tedious counting of hundreds of colonies in hundreds of agar plates.
  • Waste - Significant less plastic waste and thus reduced contaminated waste in environment

Test Kits

Ames MPF™ Aqua, Ames II for water samples, micropollutants

All kind of environmental samples, such as drinking, surface or waste water, sediments, air can be tested with the Ames MPFTM 98/100, Ames II or Ames MPFTM Aqua kits. The Ames MPFTM Aqua has been designed to screen for mutagenic compounds or mixtures in waste water without concentrating the test sample prior to the analysis of the compound. Ames MPFTM Aqua can be used for testing according to ISO11350, it has minor, but simplifying procedure changes. In the Ames MPFTM Aqua Kit, the sample is significantly less diluted (factor 1.2) as compared to the other Ames MPF Test Kits, the Test Kit is used for screening of micropulants in waste water treatment plants.  

Ames MPFTM 98/100 and Ames II kits have a high sensitivity, specificity and can be used to test drinking water after sample concentration with SPE columns.

Test Kits

Comparing Ames MPF™ with the Agar Plate Test

Several publications show an excellent correlation of 87 - 100% with the agar plate pre-incubation or plate incorporation assay as well as an interlaboratory consistency of 89%. Many pharmaceutical, chemical or cosmetic companies, authorities or contract research organisations use the Ames II or Ames MPF test for more than 10 years.

PDF - Ames MPF vs Ames Preincubation

Visual Guide for Ames MPF™ and Ames II

The visual guide shows how to run the Ames MPFTM or the Ames II assay step by step helping you to set up the assay. It also shows all the instruments and material required to run the Ames MPFTM or Ames II assay.

Automation of the Ames MPF Test with Epimotion™
  • EpimotionTM transfers the liquids from
    96-well sample plate to 24-well and 384-well plates
  • Ames MPF Test kits are most convenient model for automation
  • Benefits: Reduction of hands on time, test compound quantity, S9, plastic waste and support by Xenometrix.
Automation of Reading and Archiving of Ames MPF/II Test Results
  • Metafer allows automated reading and archiving of Ames MPF/Ames II test results
  • Metafer scans specimen of various sizes, uses many different contrasting methods and magnifications
  • Modularity allows several applications such as cytogenetics, toxicology, pathology, hematology.

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